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Welcome to Dysfunctional Serenity


DS was formed by a group of friends that have played World of Warcraft together for quite some time.  Our guild's name was derived from the term "Dysfunctional Family" and the old Seinfeld line "Serenity Now".  Somehow crunched together the name seemed to describe us well.  We have a lot in common but what we truly have is a love to play World of Warcraft. 

Dysfunctional Serenity is in existence to enhance our experience within World of Warcraft and will never become bigger or more important than the game itself. Our focus is about creating a challenging and rewarding gaming experience that pushes us to continue to improve as a team.  We win as a team, lose as a team and build as a team. The sole expectation is that we put our guild first. If we take care of our guild, our guild will take care of us.


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